Talking about ‘Sticky Situations’


I posted this Instagram on my Facebook page and it seemed to connect with folks. It’s a book I found on Amazon that provides a “sticky situation” for every day of the year. The girls really enjoy doing this–so much in fact they will remind us to do it and have actually said, “I like reading those. Can we do another one?”

I found it while searching for small group ideas/curriculum for parents with adolescents (haven’t had much luck with that so shoot me a note if you have a favorite).

I felt like we were missing out on connection time with the girls where we could have fun, talk and learn about the Bible.

I’ve kept in mind the idea of our church which is TRU. That stands for Timeless (the Bible), Relevant (really needed help there with 9 year old girls in today’s world), and Unconditional (sometimes need help with that too so God’s word is always helpful).

The girls take turns reading the situation, the choices and the Bible verse. It’s worked so well we even have our 9 year old neighborhood friend participate when he eats with us.

What things do you utilize in your house for family connection and Bible study?

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