It’s Friday! Woo Hoo!

It’s Friday! What makes this day even better? I have the whole day off PLUS Monday. WOO HOO!

You know what makes it even better? The house got cleaned yesterday so me and Mr. Fry are enjoying the day in a spotless house. Can I say WOO HOO again!?

I started the day working on my paper for class.

computer and papers

Getting so close to turning in my literature review.

The weather is turning cold so Mr. Fry and I are warming up around the fireplace.


dog on couch

And now I’m going to curl up, watch a scary movie and practice on embroidery work.

Embroidery Try
My first try at embroidery

There are so many great ideas for embroidery ideas on Pinterest. Look at this one from Baumcat:
I love this one too from Sidereal

Happy Friday!!

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