Stop being average

In my last post, I explained that our church is supporting a missionary family in Africa. Part of that work includes a school–the AIC Lare Oibor Child Development Center to be exact.

Our church was lucky enough to connect with Compassion International and ask if our congregation could have first dibs on sponsoring the children at the center. All the details were figured out, and the information went out.

Our little one is Napanu. She will be four in June.

Napanu, our Compassion International child
Little Napanu

We send $38 a month to Compassion and Napanu gets Bible studies, health screening, first aid training, social clubs, sports, computer training, tuition and counseling. The center staff also provide income-generating activities, fellowship and HIV/AIDS awareness education for her parents.

According to Compassion, most adults in Lare-Oibor are unemployed but some work as animal herders and earn the equivalent of $6 per month. Did you get that? Six dollars a month.

As I was thinking about this post, I stumbled upon this graphic from Shaun Groves.

I don’t know if that does anything to you, but it rung me on the head. I am definitely one of those Americans. I have way too much and give way too little.

What’s enough? I’m thinking anything that makes you feel really uncomfortable. I’m not there yet. The work continues.

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