God’s hands at work

bicycles being worked on
An awesome friend helping one of the riders.

I love seeing God at work.

Some times you don’t have to look very hard.

I’m finding the more I let go of “me” the more I see God at work.

We had the privilege of hosting a stop for Sunflower CASA’s annual fundraiser Cycle CASA. We had never done a SAG stop or paid much attention to the fundraiser.

The very organized CASA staff got the information out early, our church small group wholeheartedly said, “YES! Let’s do one,” and off we went.

I felt fairly good and organized as the day started off, and then my fellow volunteers started asking me, “How long is the race? Where do they start? Where do they go?” I smiled and said, “Those are all great questions. Maybe I’ll know more next year.”

The bike riders were happy to fill us on in the details. It turns out they started at Anneburg Park, and could either go to Keats and/or Riley or do the “Century” and ride to Olsburg.  The entire mileage on the Olsburg trek was 62-miles (wowsa)!

So back to seeing God’s hand at work…

We had enough supplies throughout the day. Friends baked delicious home-made cookies, donated fruit and water. We worried a few times when a group would come in ravenous, but we never ran out (God is always working).

We had set up a very informal volunteer time sign up. But you know what? We were never short staffed. As one couple would leave, another set of hands would be right there (see, God is always working).

We were never short of smiles, never short of laughs cheer leaders or helpers.

God is always working. I am learning to open my eyes outward instead of inward. It seems I see a lot more of His hand when I do.

Riders taking a break
Appreciative riders taking a much deserved break.

P.S. I’ve got another blog in the works that will show God at work again. It’s a GOOD one! I promise!

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  1. Carmen Herman says:

    Thanks for sharing your testimony. Another family saved PRAISE BE TO GOD!!! God intended for our families to stay together. My Mother ( 1st cousin to Corey’s Grandma Fern) used to say “when the family is destroyed so will America be”. Also the awesome example you are setting for your daughters. Now because of the path God made for you and you followed it they will always have HIM with them. You know our story, can you even try to imagine how we could go on without our precious LORD holding our hand each and every day? I would be in a “looney bin” somewhere for sure. I love the Cramers! Always have and always will. May God’s grace be with you all. Love, Carm

    1. megcorey says:

      Love you Carm 😀

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