Weaving together a webinar

Webinar definition with highlight

This week’s assignment for E-Communication in the 21st Century was presenting information about a social media tool using the webinar software Adobe Connect.

Not a surprise to those who know me…I chose Facebook as my social media tool to cover.

We received great training a week earlier, but it still felt overwhelming. Adobe Connect is a very powerful program and there were so many options.

  • You can set up “pods” in the webinar room ahead of time and it saves everything when you leave. This gave me an opportunity to get everything organized, and feel comfortable with how the presentation would go.
  • Polls and surveys are easy to develop which provide interaction between the instructor and the class. The answers can be shown to the entire class or you can keep them just open to the instructor.
  • The chat pod makes it very simple to see what questions are coming in.
  • There wasn’t any lag time between my audio and what was heard on the other end. I practiced a handful of times with some of my friends, and it was just like we were talking over a phone line.

I know we barely scratched the surface of what Adobe Connect can do. I feel great having a webinar under my belt and look forward to offering them in the future!

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