Welcome to Cramer Gardens

Mother Nature has blessed us with warm spring weather even before the calendar officially said it was spring. The fam and I got in gear this year and planted a garden. By the end of the day we were more than tired.

mommy and her three garden helpers

daddy and three garden helpers

Tilling that little piece of ground was a killer, but we are looking forward to enjoying some of the fruits of our labor. We’re hoping for beans, peas, lettuce, beets, tomatoes, watermelon and…

cantaloupe sign spelled canalop or cantaloupe as you might know it.

We got a head start on planting seeds with this cool little thing we found at our local Wal-Mart. The girls really enjoyed planting them and were amazed at how quickly they pushed through.

Jiffy Grennhouse

Does this lovely weather have your green thumb itching too?

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