Waiting for spring to spring

It’s the end of January but the warmer weather is making me itch for spring time. Of course the ever addicting Pinterest is a great way to find ideas for decorating the house with a spring flare.

Here’s one of my favorites

bottle arrangment
From Whole Living

Even before seeing this photo I had turned into the crazy lady who doesn’t throw away any glass bottles. This might mean jars for pickles, salsa, olives, spices, etc. I think it’s because we’ve started wholeheartedly recycling, but glass isn’t something they pick up. Now I have a hard time throwing anything away that is still useful. So…I’m sure I could easily create the look above.

Another gem I’ve found thanks to Pinterest is Design Seeds: For all who love color. You can find gazillions of color themes. This is awesome for home decorating, and I plan to utilize the site a ton in my daily design projects at work.

spring color palette
Spring color palette

Who else is ready for spring!?

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