Handy dandy

My name is Meagan and I’m addicted to making fabric flowers.

Yes, it’s true.

I am addicted to making these little pretties!

It’s so easy and they look so nice when they’re finished.

While out on a walk yesterday I had a brilliant idea (brilliant!) pop into my head.

We recently started a chore chart for the girls, and I finely wised up enough to get it laminated so all we have to do is erase it every week as opposed to printing out a new one. Next problem was having erasable markers  handy for the girls to grab and check off their chores.

The solution? A fabric flower magnet/marker holder. Ta da!

Now everything is handy-dandy and easey-peasey. Well, everything except getting the chores done. One project at a time, I guess.

I’ve got loads of other fabric flower ideas floating in my head so stay tuned!

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