What a find

The fam and I were enjoying ourselves around town today (we were actually at home for a change!) and we ran across an “antique and collectables” store I’d never seen before. It’s on a residential street and sort of hidden, but the nice lady said they’d been open for two years. Two years!? Where have I been?

I found some awesome little goodies and they were only $10 a piece!


I have no idea how old the fan is, but that sucker is so heavy. Hubs thought if nothing else, he could use it for a weight once in a while. Another plus: it works…just don’t set it on the edge of anything because it seems to gyrate itself all over the place.

The cute little mailbox is also quite weighty, but it looks awesome on the wall with a red hanky sticking out.

Just goes to show, junk shops will get me everytime!

An interesting sidenote: the ladies’ grandson was in the shop, and it seems he stays with his grandparents throughout the summer. He was probably 10 or so and spends lots of time helping them at the shop. So much time, that he’s become an accomplished sewer and had fancy dishtowels and aprons to sell in the shop. He was quite the proud and cool little dude!


Here’s where I put my cutey-patootie fan & look at the purty hanky!


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