Back in the saddle…or sewing chair

I’m happy to say I’ve finally gotten back into sewing (The crowd roars!).

In April, I posted that I got my sewing area set up in the new house. I hate to admit it, but this week is the first time I actually started any projects. Every time I would go downstairs that darn machine would cry, “Use me! Use me! Why have you forgotten me?”

I just couldn’t find the time or gumption to sit down and start working on something.

Luckily our small sewing group has continued to meet, and I was able to visit with them last Sunday. While some worked on knitting purple baby caps for CASA and their Click for Babies campaign, I used the time to enjoy some of my sewing books and get back into the groove.

Once I got home from the small group, I started on a slipcover project I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. By started I mean I pulled out the fabric, draped it over the chair and then wondered what to do next. Last night I decided I needed to just dive in and see what happened.

I’m happy to report so far it’s been a success!!

The photo shows the slipcover inside out so don’t be distracted by the seams and strings. I know it’s less than halfway done, but I am so proud of myself! It won’t be perfect by any means, but I think it’ll be pretty darn cute.

Lesson for me: don’t worry about messing up a fabric or wasting money by messing up the fabric. All you can do is try and then learn as you go.

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