Want a Nap!

I love my 7-year-olds (Yes! Seven year olds!). They are HILARIOUS. Last week Miss M wanted me to play a part in a script she was writing. I told her, “Let me take a quick nap and then I’ll be ready.”

As I roll over on the couch, I feel somebody softly place something on my head. When I’m done “resting”, I pull off this very suitable note…

Yes, please!

I would love to wear this thing on my head all day.

“Mommy, where’s the Band-Aids?”
Me: Flash sign, “Want a Nap!”

“When’s the deadline?”
Me: Flash sign, “Want a Nap!”

“Honey, where’s the salt and pepper?”
Me: Flash sign, “Want a Nap!”

For now, I’ve got it taped to my desk at work. It may end up on my forehead very soon!

PS. Notice the very artistic exclamation point?!

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