We’re home!

Aaaahhhh…the feeling of home. Nothin’ like it. I’ve missed having our own space and not feeling anxious about staining carpet or scraping walls. That’s hard not to do (stain carpet, scrape walls and be anxious) when you’ve got two kiddos and one doggy.

We got everything moved on Friday despite howling wind and drizzly rain. Saturday it seemed like we worked all day moving boxes and unpacking a little. On Sunday we celebrated our blessings at church and we got the rental house all cleaned up. Now it’s time to really get to work on unpacking and settling in. There’s so much space, and it feels so darn nice!

I also found a cool new tool on Amazon. It’s called Amazon Cloud Drive and you can upload up to 5 GB (I think) of goodies and access them from various computers. You can upload music and listen to it no matter what computer you’re on. This evening the goos and I jammed out to Mumford & Sons and Adele.

PS. I found the Mumford & Sons video for The Cave, but it’s just not as good as seeing them live. The main singer is playing the guitar and also a drum and a tambourine all while singing. Amazing!

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