CASA step 1

I started the 30-hour training tonight to become a CASA. I was amazed by the number of people there. I think we had close to 25 attendees.

It was a good diversity of ages. In fact, I was shocked by the number of college students. What a great thing to do at such a young age! It took me years and years to work up enough courage to even start the training.

They were very open about the cases we could get, and the things we’ll see. We’ll work with the child, the family, foster families, lawyers, social workers, teachers, therapists, etc., etc. We will “paint a picture” for the court system about the child. We become a voice for these children in the mayhem.

I was super impressed with the staff. In fact, they’re willingness to be an ear and a helping hand makes taking the big step of saying ‘yes’ to volunteering a bit easier.

Let the adventure begin.

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