Bed pockets rock!

Christmas vacation is almost over! Where did the time go!? The goos have two more days at home before school starts and we all get back into a routine. We’ve got big plans for today that include an afternoon at the ice rink. Hope none of us break anything too important.

I’ve made three bed pockets (one for each goo and one for me). Those things are so cool!!


One of my helpers sneakin' in the shot of my bed pocket.


It’s handy to put the remote controls, my Kindle, glasses, etc.

I also decided poor Dog needed a refurbished bed. I had some left over fuzzy fleece so I made him a cool, chick-magnet bed.


Hmmm...this smells different


Not sure if he’s so happy about it, but I sure am.

Time to play with the googlies before our time runs out!

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