Girls just wanna have fun (translates into sewing)

Happy New Year my dear friends! Hope you had a fun and safe evening welcoming in the new year. Our googlies are back today and boy am I happy. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Had great fun the last couple days. I taught a friend of mine to sew (scary thought that I’m teaching someone to sew!). We were immersed in various projects sans children and boy was it fun! I’ll recap it in pictures.

We had a December birthday celebration this week and I gussied up some of the zipper clutches I made for two very special people.

For my friend’s first sewing project we each worked on one of these grocery sacks. For your viewing pleasure and to honor the New Year, I added a bottle of Champagne (bananas were on hand so I threw them in too).

Then we moved onto easy-peasy placemats. I figured out a couple things I’d differently, but I love the fabric.

Now I’m going to work on two of these organized bed pockets for the googlies. We’ll see how much I get done since I just wanna snuggle with the kiddos.

By the way, all the patterns except for the clutches come from “One-Yard Wonders.” Awesome book and I’d recommend it to those looking for fun ideas.

Happy New Year all! Wonderful wishes for you and yours in 2011.

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