Sushi and me

Hubsters and I ventured out on the town last night without any kids. I asked him if he was feeling adventurous. I think he was a little sad when he realized I was talking about trying the new sushi place in Manhappiness (Green Tea Sushi, 1120 Laramie St).

OMG(osh)! Preparing for some yummy sushi

I was so, so, so happy. He was less thrilled but said it was good. We started out with Beef Nagimaki (thin sliced steak with scallions). I had California Rolls (with a little green tea) and he had Beef Udon. I was so darn happy when we left. I had absolutely no complaints. It’s a quiet little restaurant, with great help and wonderful, fresh food.

P.S. I reread my post from yesterday and found some booboos. I’ve got to get better at proofing these things before I publish! I apologize for the goofs.

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