Aaaahhh home

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas. Our family put some mileage on the Yukon and enjoyed spending time with both sides of the family.

The Hello Kitty blanket and pillow were a hit.

Hello Kitty blanket
Little E was happy with her Hello Kitty blanky

Corey’s parents must have dreams of managing their own band. They bought M a karaoke machine, K an electric guitar (an honest-to-goodness guitar! that sucker is heavy!) and Ms. A a keyboard. I’m not sure there’s really any hope for any of them, but they did enjoy themselves.

We had a little sweet revenge too. The goos are going to stay a week with both sets of grandparents and we just knew how much they would enjoy spending hours entertaining Papa and Mocho with their musical abilities so we left the  instruments with the girls. Hee hee.

We saw some beautiful scenery on the way home. They must have received some icy snow around Hays because the trees were covered.

snowy trees

Time to make my list of things to fill my time while the kiddos are gone. Tree is already down so it’s on to the next project! Sewing maybe? Hope so!

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