birthday presentCouldn’t ask for a better birthday-day. Spending the whole day with the goofy goos. We giggled and laughed in bed this morning, ate at my favorite cafe for breakfast and got our nails done just in time for Christmas.

We’ve got the black sleigh loaded and gassed up. Just waiting for daddy to get home so we can head to Southwest Kansas.

I’m overwhelmed with the phone calls, cards, Facebook messages and texts from everyone saying “happy birthday.” What a wonderful feeling. Thanks to all who are in our lives. We are truly blessed.

May each of you have a blessed Christmas and enjoy your families and friends. Love you much.

P.S. I’m realizing there is some strange stuff on TV. There’s a show on TLC called “Strange Addictions” and one woman is addicted to eating toilet paper and another can’t get enough laundry detergent. Huh?

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