Kiss a cow, but don’t forget about the people

It scares me to hear people talk about animal rights. Have you ever thought about the difference between animal rights and animal welfare? To be honest, I used to use those words interchangeably. Then I heard Wesley Smith talk about his book “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.” Talk about eye opening.

There are some that think a cow should have the same rights as my 6-year-old. Forget that, they think a cow should have the same rights as me.

I love cows, but should they have the same rights as me?

Now don’t get me wrong. I am TOTALLY for animal welfare (meaning farm animals are well cared for and fed). Do I think Bessie the Cow should be able to sue Farmer Joe because her hoofs got cold in the field? Uhhhhh, no.

I think some need to remember that when we put farm animals on a pedestal, PEOPLE may end up getting trampled by those well-cared-for hoofs in the process.

Want more information? Visit Wesley’s blog, learn about what really happens on hog farms, or hear from an outspoken animal lover who cares for her own cows.

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