Am I strong enough?

Next year I’m going to start a new adventure–volunteering for the Sunflower CASA Project. I’ve been thinking about it for years but was never sure I was strong enough.

Do you know what CASA stands for? They are Court-Appointed Special Advocates who advocate for abused and neglected children in the court system.

I’m fearful about what I’m going to hear, what I’m going to see and if I can handle it.

I spoke with my parents about this last night and they reminded me of a neighbor of ours that took in foster kids. For 2 years they had a darling little girl who came into their home. She was born addicted to crack and had developmental issues because of it. They loved on and nurtured this little girl for 2 years. Then she was placed back with her family. And a year later she was dead.

Can I handle the reality of it? I’m really not sure…and I’m really scared. But I feel like it’s calling me and so I have to try.

Thoughts, advice and prayers are welcome.

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