Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

We haven’t had a real Christmas tree in our house since the girls were born. They’ll be 7 in April. It started out not wanting them to eat the needles off the floor, then I was worried they’d pull it over, then we were so busy with life I thought “Yuck. I don’t want to bother.”

Christmas tree
Purty tree

This year we spent the day eating lunch together, hunting for the perfect tree and decorating it just right. The girls were so excited, and added their own touches (multi-colored light). Daddy added tinsel (never again!) and so everyone had something special.

I’m bias but I think it’s the most beautiful tree ever. And yesterday I had a real nice surprise. Pulling up into the driveway, my doggy’s head is watching out the window…and the tree lights are blinking “hello”. Since Otis was the only one home all day, he must have stepped on the light-turner-onner-thingy.  What a smart dog!

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