Unexpected expectations

This morning I was listening to K-LOVE on my way to work. Their question was “What are you expecting this December?” Most of us directly think about what we might get for Christmas. A new coat, maybe a new computer or a new camera?

One guy called and explained he was expecting for God’s faithfulness and love to continue…even though sometimes he and his wife wonder if it’s true, it’s always there. Then he went on to say his wife is on a waiting list for a double (yes, DOUBLE) lung transplant and she isn’t doing well. Neither one of them is even 40 yet, and they have two little boys. Through all this, he’s still counting on God’s love and devotion.

Walking into work I kept thinking “double lung transplant, double lung transplant.” Why should I worry about much of anything when my family members are healthy, we’ve got jobs, insurance, a home and 2 cars. We’ve got freedom to do what we want.

Maybe my expectation for December should be to continually evaluate my expectations.

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