Powerful or powerless

Talking to a friend yesterday about what a horrible time they’re having in life. It seems like things keep tumbling down. These aren’t minuscule things. These are major life changers–family and health.

As I was listening I began to wonder and ask, “These are horrible things, and we don’t have any control over them, but why are you giving all your power to them?”

We considered for a moment, and began to think of ways to take back the power. Take a back a few positive things even if that just means being thankful for waking up, having a roof, being able to see the sun shine and having food to eat.

When things build up and you just can’t get a break, it is so easy to throw up your hands and give up. Give up striving, give up moving forward, give up even getting up in the morning. This means we give up power.

We don’t have control in life, but I firmly believe we do have control over how we handle it and move forward.

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