Learning the arts (of sewing, knitting, etc.)

Sewing Tools

I’ve had an urge for the last couple years to learn a craft I can really get my hands into. Maybe knitting, maybe sewing, maybe painting? I never made the time to take a class or start learning.

The older I get, the more I’d like to learn. I sent out an “SOS. Need to learn how to sew” to my wonderful Pilot Club, and have received a resounding “Yes. We can help you learn.” Some are excited to teach. Some are excited to learn. I’m excited to connect AND learn with these wonderful women.

I found a blog on Wednesday called “Raising Homemakers” and the next day saw this post. Could not have explained it any better myself. Oh how fitting! In fact, read a small piece from her post and see if you agree…

“These lost arts can all be learned. For those of you who are eager to learn some of these skills, you might seek out a noble woman in your church or community who could be a mentor to you. For those of you who are skilled in some of these arts, I would encourage you to look for teaching opportunities. I have fond memories of my first knitting lesson with an elderly godly lady from our church who graciously taught me the basics of knitting, over a hot cup of tea. These Titus 2 moments will forever be engraved in my heart.”

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